The mission of East Carolina Mechanical is to become the leading mechanical contractor in eastern North Carolina, specializing in mechanical and plumbing installations and rehabilitation in both the public and private sectors. We will become the elite mechanical contractor in our area with unyielding commitments to integrity, safety, production, quality, and through a complete dedication to the power of ONE.


The Power of ONE: We believe in the power of one. We are convinced that an ordinary company can become extraordinary when its people share a common vision, a common set of values, and a goal. The power of one is each member of the team coming together to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. 


We believe that there is no substitute for doing business the “right way.” Honesty is a huge investment that will pay great dividends at maturity.


We believe that an ongoing commitment to safety is an insurance policy on the greatest asset, our people.


We believe that this is the only way to compete in our industry. Do the job within the budget and within the schedule and everyone goes home satisfied.


We believe that quality is our trademark. If we can’t do quality work then we simply will not do it


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